Behovs Registrering is a beautifully designed alert form for a real estate management system workflow.

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Client: Servicebedriften Myhre AS, Norway

Services: Web design, Development, Integration

Category: Web Dev, Integration

& Solution

Being a strategical partner, Servicebedriften Myhre AS, our Norwegian friends, often come with requests that go beyond a simple technical approach and involves a deeper understanding of how their clients think and act. Of course, all this must have a pretty aesthetical form which also does not break the rules of the nordic minimalism.

Our partners wanted a feedback form, that "memorizes" user details from his first usage, has a logic for managing users' uploaded files and track the email usage. The aim is to bind this tool to a larger ecosystem of APIs and services that are maintaining the activity of Servicebedriften Myhre AS.

This simple, at first sight, feedback form combines a very complex logic of processing the information that users are filling in with some fine-tuned styles and animations.

Behovs Registrering

Our partners wanted the system to be user management agnostic, but still, the page should offer some minimal assistance to customers when it comes to user experience.

We heavily used intuitive animations and hint strategies to achieve high usability of the form. The system also is multilanguage, remembering users' last choice, and taking care of the page's interface.



The mobile experience is also smooth, taking into consideration each device architecture, connecting, if possible, with the user's camera to ease in the picture attaching procedure.


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