PumaMoldova.md is the official distributor for PUMA in Moldova.

Launch site


Services: Web design, Development

Category: Web Dev

Interval: 2015 - 2016


We began working with Puma Moldova back in 2015. Considering different non-technical aspects, PumaMoldova.md did not have even something close to a CMS. Another must-have was to keep the layout and functionality of their "mother"-site.

All these factors forced us to work with a statical site, putting an accent on the graphical aspect and different tasty UX techniques, as the client just wanted to have on its site different parts from different Puma sites all over the world.

Visual Core

The design was an eternal dance between event-driven blocks and product-driven ones. That is why the approach was simple, sliders, more sliders and more catchy animations. We heavily exploited all hover ideas and every CSS opportunity to make the content more dynamic and appealing to the potential customer.


Other Challenges

As the client wanted a potpourri of different design technologies and UI/UX effects, the biggest challenge was to imprint to the site a uniform user experience. The "differentiation" issues became more challenging when Puma Moldova wanted to have a multilanguage site. This was the moment we adopted (and still are practicing) PDD - Panic Driven Development. This way we always gave priority to recent issues, we assured the necessary process flexibility and we wrote enough code to fix the issue.


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